President of India presents National Panchayat Awards

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The President of India, Droupadi Murmu  presented National Panchayat Awards and inaugurated National Conference on Incentivization of Panchayats in New Delhi today (April 17, 2023).

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that despite the rapid urbanization over the past few decades, the majority of the population still lives in villages. Even those who live in cities are somehow connected to villages.  The development of villages can lead to the overall progress of the country.

The President said that villagers should be able to decide what should be the model for the development of a village, and how it should be implemented. She said that Panchayats are not just a means of implementing government programs and initiatives, but also a place to encourage new leaders, planners, policy-makers, and innovators. By adopting the best practices of one Panchayat in other Panchayats, we can quickly develop and make our villages prosperous.

The President said that there is a provision for the election of Panchayat representatives, every five years, to ensure the participation of every section of society. However, it has been observed that these elections sometimes create bitterness among the people. Keeping in mind the need to avoid any mutual discord among the villagers due to the elections, Panchayat elections have been kept separate from political parties. She said that in a society where there is mutual cooperation and trust among people, flourishes more. She said that a village is an extension of family. All community work should be done with mutual agreement as much as possible.

The President said that for the holistic development of any society, the participation of women is very important. Women should have the right to make decisions for themselves, for their families and for the welfare of society. This right could be achieved through their empowerment at the family and village level. She was happy to note that out of more than 31.5 lakh elected representatives of local rural bodies 46 percent are women. She urged women to actively participate in the work of the Gram Panchayats. She also appealed to their families to support them in these efforts.


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