Britannia Milk Bikis launched 'Anaivarukkum' Campaign

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Anaivarukkum, meaning 'for everyone', celebrates the rich plurality of dialects in the state. Each region within Tamil Nadu has its own distinctive heritage, captivating beauty, revered icons, and unique spoken dialects. Building on its popularity among the people of Tamil Nadu since 1978, Milk Bikis’s latest campaign is a celebration that embraces the diversity and richness of every region across Tamil Nadu.

This is Milk Bikis’s gesture of showing its gratitude to the state, by shining light on sub-cultures within neighbourhoods and districts. The campaign reflects the deep understanding and appreciation of the state that the brand has garnered over its 40 year journey. With Anaivarukkum, the brand has launched 5 digital videos representing 15 different dialects across the state. The campaign will feature billboards and newspaper ads, each of which is a tribute customised to that location.

Commenting on the campaign, Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia Industries Limited said that “Milk Bikis is loved all over Tamil Nadu, 1 in 5 biscuits bought in TN is a Milk Bikis and over a third of the households in the state consume the biscuits every month. With a bond as special as this, Anaivarukkum is a humble tribute to the state, the various beautiful dialects spoken across the state, rituals, its destinations and pop-culture”.


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