Himalaya launches "The OG Pimple Solution" campaign celebrating Gen Alpha's OG Influencer - Mom!

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Himalaya, a leading wellness company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest campaign, "The OG Pimple Solution," showcasing the strong bond between mothers and their teenage daughters. In this campaign, Himalaya highlights the role of mothers as the original OG influencers in their daughters' lives, particularly when it comes to skincare and acne remedies.

Gayatri Kabilan, Category Manager, Himalaya Wellness Company, shared insights into the concept and creative direction behind the campaign, emphasizing its alignment with the brand's overall goals and values. "Our inspiration stems from the rich legacy and brand story of Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash. We aimed to create a campaign that not only highlights the efficacy of the product but also honors our legacy and commitment to sustainable skincare. We intend to connect with our customers on a deeper level by emphasizing the brand's solid foundation in ancestral insight and our commitment to quality."

Naveen Raman, Branch Head , 82.5 Communications, South, said “Keeping up with times and evolving is a must for a successful brand. And that was our starting point – how to adapt the Himalaya Purifying Neem Face wash communication to connect to the young girls of today. We drew inspiration from the powerful influence moms have on their daughters. This campaign creates a strong connection between Gen Alpha girls and their moms. We celebrate the OG influencers – the moms – and their OG advice. We’ve aimed to empower the next gen of young girls to embrace not just their skin care but also their care for the planet - with Himalaya Purifying Neem Facewash.”

Sangeetha Sampath and Ravikumar Cherussola, Executive Creative Directors, 82.5 Communications, South, aimed to forge an emotional connection with moms and daughters. “Our new campaign celebrates the OG influencer in every Gen Alpha girl’s life – her Mom! While the teen girl may have a lot of influencers talking to her through different mediums, her Mom remains her OG influencer.


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