Global Peace Ambassador Gurumahan inaugurated the energy restaurant in Tarapuram

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The opening ceremony of Energy Hospital and Energy Restaurant was held in Tarapuram area of Tirupur district with a service charge of ten rupees.

Power Foundation Chairman Mr. World Peace Ambassador Guru Mahan cut the ribbon and lit the lantern to open the restaurant in the presence of Shakti Ashokumar. A large number of industrialists, business personalities and spiritual elders from Tarapuram region participated in this.

Energy Restaurant, Tharapuram Taluk Office, Suresh Complex, West Gachcheri Road, is serving quality idli, chutney, and sambar for breakfast to those who want it for a fee of 10 rupees. Sambar is about to be served. Food will be prepared and served to more than 1000 people per day. About 25 thousand people are going to benefit per month Energy Ashokumar said.

Energy Hospital Tarapuram North Street near St. Sebastian's Church, 19 types of medical examination including fever, cough, phlegm, diarrhea, constipation, sore throat, etc., are being provided to those who are ill with qualified doctors and nurses.

Considering the welfare of the people, the Energy Foundation was started in 2021 for the development of social and community welfare and has been doing services including improving government schools in Tarapuram, Kangeyam, Erode, Modakurichi, Pallipalayam and Kumarapalayam, renovating temples, encouraging and honoring the skills of college students. As a crown of public service, energy restaurants and hospitals have been started in Erode and Kumarapalayam Pallipalayam areas at a service charge of Rs 10 and tens of thousands of people are benefiting daily. About 75,000 people are benefiting from this every month.

In order to further expand the services, Peru is happy to open the energy restaurant and the energy clinic today for the public in Tarapuram area and next month the energy restaurant will be opened in Kangeyam area. Energy Ashokumar said.


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