GAVL conducts awareness campaigns about cattle health

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Cattle is a source of economic support for many families. Hence, with nutrition being the most crucial aspect of rearing healthy animals, better health of the cattle has an immense potential for better yields.  Unfortunately, in the state of Tamil Nadu which is home to 94.69 Lacs cattle, little attention is paid to cattle health. With the majority of the cattle farmers feeding Raw Material and Waste Feeds from hotels to their cattle, presence of heavy metals, pesticide residues, alkaloids and mycotoxins adversely impact the health of the animal.

To address this situation, GAVL continues to drive awareness campaigns and farmer meetings to educate farmers on the importance of cattle health - replacing raw material and waste feeds with compound feed. Emphasizing the critical role of compound feed in dairy farming, farmers are also being educated on how proper arrangement of drinking water for cattle on the farms is also imperative to enhance the milk yield. The same follows the trend witnessed by companies in Tamil Nadu wherein farmers believe that animals consume enough water when they are left to graze.

Speaking about the importance of animal health in uplifting farming families in the region, Sandeep Singh, CEO - Animal Feed Business, Godrej Agrovet Limited (GAVL) said, “If a farmer looks at it from the lens of cattle health, it will not only ensure better well-being of cattle but also aid farmer get better yields thereby increasing their profitability. With 70% of total cost of milk production dependent on feed, high-yielding animals can only reach their genetic extent if they receive sufficient nutrients in their daily ration. Hence our compound feed products Godrej Bypro and Godrej Bypass provide more nutrition for every gram of feed that helps dairy animals achieve their full productivity and improve their reproductive health.”


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