Pongal Day Celebration at Mother Teresa Women’s University

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Mother Teresa Women’s University, Research and  Extension Centre, Madurai, embraced the joyous spirit of the Pongal festival with a vibrant celebration. The event aimed to bring together faculty members, students and non-teaching staff  to mark the auspicious occasion with enthusiasm and cultural fervor. 

All the faculty members, students and non-teaching staff gathered in the campus premises at 10.00 a.m. The Pongal programme was inaugurated by Dr.M.Pushpa Rani, Director of Madurai Campus.  In her speech she has highlighted that this program was more than a culinary tradition; it was a powerful expression of our shared values which added a distinguished touch to the celebration. As part of the ongoing commitment to cultural appreciation, all staff and students are mandated to wear handloom cotton attire. Embracing handloom cotton attires during our Pongal celebration not only adds a touch of tradition and cultural pride to the event but also reinforces our commitment to sustainable and locally sourced practices. 

The celebration with faculty  members  and  students jointly performing traditional Pongal rituals including pooja added a ceremonial touch to the event. The campus was transformed into a festive space, adorned with traditional Pongal pots, rangoli designs, and colorful decorations, creating a visually appealing atmosphere in honor of the harvest festival. Students from various departments actively participated in cultural performances, including traditional dances, music, and other artistic expressions, reflecting the rich cultural heritage associated with Pongal. 

A platform was provided for students to express their thoughts on the significance of Pongal through speeches and essay writing, encouraging creative expression and reflection. Various Pongal-themed competitions were organized in the days leading up to the celebration, fostering student engagement and enthusiasm. 

This inclusive celebration not only honored the spirit of the harvest festival but also underscored the university's commitment to building a community that values diversity, cooperation, and  shared joy. The programme ended by 12.30 p.m by distributing Pongal and sweets among all the students.


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