Toyota accelerates its solid-state battery initiatives

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Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp, is entering into the battery electric chicle race, aiming to roll out next-generation solid-state batteries over the next 3years by 2027 or 2028, setting up a milestone in the global race to commercialise this breakthrough technology that promises to double vehicle range and drastically reduce charging time.

With its new solid-state batteries, Toyota expects its electric cars powered by them to have a range of 1,200km - well over twice that of the current range of electric vehicles (EVs) - and a charging time of 20minutes or less, which is far lower than that two-four hours that it takes to fast charge an EV with Li-ion batteries. Toyota sees the solid-state batteries as a major improvement in battery tech, countering the current concerns such as extended charging time and the risk of catching fire associated with traditional Li-ion batteries as they have liquid electrolyte in them.

As a result, the Japanese carmaker could have two sets of battery electric vehicle or BEVs on offer across markets, including India - one range with existing Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries and a second range with its new and pricier solid-state batteries, a senior company executive at Toyota’s Joint Venture in India indicated it.


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