IMA Chennai Chapter Event: A Blend of Motivation, Knowledge, and Recognition

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The Institute of Management & Accountants (IMA) Chennai chapter hosted a dynamic event yesterday featuring a book release by DGP Dr. Sylendrababu, IPS. The event commenced with Tamil Thai Valthu and an enchanting dance performance by Ms. Vaishnavi.

DGP Dr. Sylendrababu, the Guest of Honour, delivered a motivational speech, adding vibrancy to the atmosphere. He unveiled the book "A Complete Guide to Management Accountants & Professionals," written by Dr. Babu Razack and co-authored by Mr. Guruprasad V. His insights and engagement with the media enhanced the charm of the occasion.

The event featured a CPE session where IMA Chennai Chapter President Mr. Paresh M. Jani highlighted the success of IMA. Notable Speaker CA T G Suresh shared valuable insights, followed by an interactive session on the Digital Personal Data Protection Act by Mr. Guruprasad V.

A thought-provoking panel discussion on startups included professionals like Mr. Pranesh Krishnan, Mr. Chandrasekar Kupperi, Dr. Babu Razack, and Mr. Guruprasad. The session concluded with a convocation ceremony for students and recognition of board members for their contributions.

DGP Dr. Sylendrababu's speech during the book launch emphasized the need for mentors and trainers. He lauded the authors for their significant contribution to management accounting, inspiring the younger generation.

The speech touched upon Dr. Sylendrababu's 36-year career, highlighting the importance of management accounting in roles like District Superintendent and heading critical departments. He connected budgeting to the recent budget announcement, emphasizing transformation and growth-oriented reforming.

Dr. Babu Razack received appreciation for his journey from agriculture to management accountancy and his philanthropic efforts. The speech emphasized the power of giving and concluded with a message on the limitless possibilities for individuals to make a positive impact.

In a media interview, former DGP responded to questions about the highlights of IMA Chennai Chapter Conference 2024 events and explained the significance of Certified Management Accountants role  in the growing corporate industries as well as public sector and government  and how the Institute of Management Accountants (US), Chennai chapter is catering the needs.

He also told that the newly released book on ‘ A Complete Guide to Management Accountants & Finance Professionals’ is a valuable resource for the students, management accountants & finance professionals. He was also replying to the general questions and encouraged those interested in politics being our is a democratic set up.

The IMA Chennai Chapter  event was a blend of motivation, knowledge-sharing, and recognition, creating a lasting impact on attendees.


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