SMFG India Credit Celebrates 'Women in Dairy Farming' during 6th Pashu Vikas Day

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SMFG India Credit Co. Ltd, conducted their 6th Pashu Vikas Day (PVD), the largest one-day cattle care camp across the country. These camps were simultaneously held across 460+ locations across 14 states and provided essential healthcare services to over 1 lakh cattle. In India, more than 8 crore households are directly associated with the dairy sector and women represent 70% of the workforce. 

To commemorate the efforts of these women, the 6th Pashu Vikas Day celebrated ‘Women in Dairy Farming’. This initiative reflects the ‘Social’ aspect within the ESG framework, emphasizing the significance of gender diversity and inclusion in driving social upliftment.This year, the company has set a new record with the World Records Union for the largest single-day cattle care camps held across the country.

Apart from cattle care, SMFG India Credit also organised over 300 health care camps for community across the country from Feb 4th - Feb 10th 2024 benefitting over 30,000 people. 6th Pashu Vikas Day in its entirety touched and impacted over 1,25,000 lives. The company’s diverse workforce is a strategic enabler as they cater to a Pan India customer base across 600 towns and 65,000+ villages. Their focus is on ensuring an overall inclusive ecosystem by funding dreams through credit and upskilling rural India for finer livelihoods in the local communities they operate in.  Pashu Vikas Day also witnessed active participation of over 4000 employees across the country, who volunteered and came together on a single day to drive this initiative.

Speaking about the company’s social initiatives, Mr. Shantanu Mitra, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, SMFG India Credit, said, “Our community development programs act as catalyst for change and focus on uplifting rural livelihoods, enhancing overall quality of life and boosting income streams. Beyond livestock welfare, we also actively promote skill development and financial literacy, contributing to the holistic well-being of the communities we serve. At SMFG India Credit, we are dedicated to establishing a strong connect with our customers by fostering inclusive growth in the underserved communities through innovative and sustainable socio-economic initiatives.  

Commenting on Pashu Vikas Day, Mr Swaminathan Subramanian, Chief Operating Officer, SMFG India Credit, stated, “Pashu Vikas Day is specifically designed to address the unique healthcare needs of cattle and their owners in rural areas. The event powers aspirations of cattle-owners and focuses on enhancing livestock productivity, subsequently elevating household incomes.  Our focus will be to sustainably extend support to the underserved, facilitating empowerment and upliftment of not only our customers, but also the community at large.”


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