Anant National University introduces Diverse Language Options for Design Entrance Test

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Anant National University announces the commencement of the second round of the Anant Design Entrance and Proficiency Test (ADEPT), the university’s online entrance test for the Bachelor of Design (B.Des) Programme. Breaking new ground in the domain of design education, this round of ADEPT will be offered in five languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, and Tamil.

This pioneering move marks the first instance in India where a design institution evaluates creativity and innovation aptitude in languages beyond the traditionally chosen English, showcasing Anant's commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities for aspiring designers from diverse linguistic backgrounds. By expanding assessment options, Anant fosters inclusivity and democratizes access to design education, opening doors to a broader range of talent. The design entrance test is set to be conducted online on 07th April 2024. Registration is now open and will close on 31st March 2024

Mr. Ajay Piramal, President of Anant National University, said, “Design goes beyond language, and this opportunity for students to attempt ADEPT in any of the five languages is a true reflection of this philosophy. Each student has the chance to showcase their talent and potential in a language they are most comfortable with.”

ADEPT goes beyond standardized evaluation methods by assessing a candidate’s critical thinking, design aptitude, holistic approach, and awareness of societal and global dynamics.

Anant National University offers a diverse array of programs, from undergraduate to doctoral levels. With robust academic partnerships with prestigious institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, University of Miami, Pratt, and more, students gain access to invaluable global learning opportunities and connections. The University fosters holistic learning, empowering students to excel in their fields and become solutionaries—revolutionary thinkers ready to tackle global challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.


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