Ganga Hospital conducts Lymphedema Awareness Exhibition

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Ganga Hospital is conducting an exhibition on Lymphedema to increase the awareness of lymphedema in March 2024. Lymphedema is a common condition in which the limbs are swollen due to the obstruction of the flow of lymphatics. Lymphatics are clear fluid arising from the blood vessels containing proteins and white blood cells. 

These lymphatics are commonly damaged during the treatment for cancer, by Filariasis (Disease arising due to a mosquito bite), trauma and sometimes due to congenital problems in which there are very less number of lymphatic channels. As the swelling in the limbs progresses, it becomes difficult for the patients to move their fingers, toes and feet. It restricts the mobility of the patient and prevents people from doing their normal work. Many develop infection as they are prone to infection and can die due to sepsis. 

Lymphedema can definitely be controlled an patients can have a much better life if they get the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time. When the swelling starts, the swelling can be prevented from progressing by giving appropriate non-surgical treatment like compression garments, physiotherapy and manual lymphatic drainage. If the lymphedema is advanced, the burden of lymphedema can be reduced by various lymphedema surgeries. Awareness of lymphedema is important as people need to know that there can be a solution for lymphedema and it can be prevented from getting worse. This is the reason why Lymphedema Awareness Week is celebrated from March 4th to 10th and the Lymphedema Awareness Month is celebrated during March 2024. Ganga Hospital realizes this and wants to spread the awareness of lymphedema. 

Ganga Hospital has made a exhibition to increase the awareness of lymphedema. This exhibition was inaugurated today by Mrs. Kanagavalli Shanmuganathan, the Managing Director of Ganga Hospital in the presence of Dr. S. Mardudurai, who is the State Program Officer, National Health Mission, Government of Tamil Nadu. Dr. Rajasabapathy, the Chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery and Dr. Hari Venkatramani, the President of the Indian Association of Plastic Surgeons spoke about the importance of lymphedema.


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