Madurai Master Plan 2021-2041 (Draft), Shocks MSME’s in Madurai

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A public hearing was held on 06.03.2024 in Madurai's District Collector's Office to discuss objections and advice on the Madurai Master Plan 2041. The Deputy Director of Local Planning Authority (LPA) explained the blueprints, which shocked the MSME industry. 

Land declared as industrial areas was being converted for agricultural and commercial use, which could cause problems for industries and nearby residential areas. The LPA emphasized the need to ascertain if any industries are located in deleted survey numbers, as small-scale entrepreneurs may face difficulties due to the change in land classification. Kappalur, Nagari, and Nallur were removed from the survey numbers, and there are no other industrial estates in Madurai district except K. Pudar and Kappalur Industrial Estates as SIDCO Industrial Estates and Mahiya Uranganpatti and Vadipatti Textile Park as private industrial estates. Red category industries, such as rubber, are not allowed to operate in the pollution control sector. The allotment of industrial land was increased in Corporation and Gram Panchayat areas, but about 1678 acres were deleted. The LPA demanded that the deleted survey numbers be reunited and new lands in the industrial area included as industrial classification land. The deadline for changing the draft was April 7, and the LPA requested an extension.


According to the information we have received, eight villages in Sivaganga district have not been informed about the fate of lands purchased for industries and those that have obtained permission. The land classification has been changed from industrial land to commercial land and agricultural land. The land classification certificate has been obtained, and the building is currently under construction. The land is now considered agricultural land.

To address this issue, objections have been registered on the local planning authority's website, and details will be referred to the Chennai office. If the objections are accepted, a solution will be available. The best performing areas for business growth are near the border of Sivaganga district, near Nedungulam and Valayankulam, Sholankuruni, Kusavapatti, Kancharankulam, Nallur area near Eliarpathy, and Thanichiyam and Chithalangudi village area near Nagari boundary Vadipatti Madurai Agricultural University four lane area. 

Creating a new mini cluster of areas with more industrial space and government poramboke land can provide opportunities for small cluster industrial development in rural areas. If these areas are connected, there will be more industrial space in these areas.


BM Correspondent

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