IIT Madras launches MInT Collaborative for Global Mobility Infrastructure

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The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has launched the ‘Mobility and Intelligent Transportation’ (MInT) collaborative, aimed at building a global mobility digital infrastructure known as the Bharat Multi-Modal Mobility Stack (BM3S). 

This initiative, inaugurated virtually by Shri Neeraj Mittal IAS, Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, brings together industry competitors, government agencies, and academic innovators to co-create solutions for sustainable transportation, accident prevention, and energy efficiency. It aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals, targeting a 50% reduction in transport emissions, fatalities, and reliance on net-zero modes.

The launch occurred during the Inaugural Mobility Summit at IIT Madras, attended by government officials, industry professionals, researchers, and students. Shri Neeraj Mittal emphasized the transformative potential of collaboration in tackling complex problems and commended IIT Madras for spearheading such an initiative critical for India's sustainable future.

Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula, Dean at IIT Madras, underscored the pressing need for innovative solutions to accommodate India's rapidly growing mobility demands. Dr. Ramakrishna Srinivasan, CEO of MInT Collaborative, described the initiative as the beginning of an exciting technology journey towards realizing "Mobility Dreams for a Billion." He highlighted the pivotal role of digital infrastructure in advancing future mobility and the modern economy.

Prof. Gitakrishnan Ramadurai, Faculty In-Charge at IIT Madras, emphasized the collaborative's mission of achieving seamless, equitable, and affordable mobility for all through digital public infrastructure. The Bharat Multi-Modal Mobility Stack serves as a digital platform to standardize and deploy mobility tools and services, aiming to benefit not only India but also the global community.

Overall, the MInT collaborative embodies the ethos of collaboration and innovation in leveraging digital technologies to address pressing societal challenges, particularly in the realm of mobility. It sets a precedent for how diverse stakeholders can come together to drive meaningful change and foster sustainable development on a global scale.

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