Intel appoints Santhosh Viswanathan to Lead New India Region

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Intel recently announced significant changes in its organizational restructuring, particularly within its Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group (SMG), with a focus on India. Santhosh Viswanathan was appointed as the Vice President and Managing Director of the newly formed India region within SMG. This strategic move highlights India's growing importance and Intel's commitment to harnessing its potential.

Establishing India as a separate region within SMG reflects Intel's intent to tailor its operations to India's unique market dynamics. 

Viswanathan's appointment underscores Intel's aim to enhance its responsiveness to India's evolving needs.

Additionally, Hans Chuang was appointed as the General Manager of SMG for the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region, based in Taiwan. Chuang will oversee Intel's business in APJ, focusing on revenue growth, fostering local engagement, and strengthening customer and partner relationships.

These appointments demonstrate Intel's strategic focus on key regions like India and APJ, aligning its leadership to drive growth and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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