Isha Outreach Inaugurates State-of-the-art Soil Testing Laboratory

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A state-of-the-art soil testing laboratory was inaugurated today (16/04/24) by Isha Outreach in Pooluvapatti, Coimbatore. The laboratory aims to benefit approximately 10,000 farmer members from 25 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) by providing free soil testing services. 

The laboratory represents a significant investment aimed at improving farmers' livelihoods and soil quality. It is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and equipment, ensuring accurate soil testing and recommendations for farmers' land.

The laboratory will conduct multiple tests on soil samples to determine organic matter content, nutrients, micronutrients, and soil properties. Expert agronomists will offer crop advice and fertilizer recommendations based on the test results, with ongoing guidance and support provided to farmers.

Explaining the benefits of the lab, Mr. Venkat Rasa, Project Director at Isha Outreach FPO, said, “These free soil tests and recommendations are invaluable for farmers. They provide crucial information about soil nutrient levels and organic matter content, enabling farmers to tailor their fertilizer use to meet crop-specific needs and soil conditions. By utilizing this information, farmers can boost crop yields, increase profits, enhance soil fertility, and safeguard the environment.”

Later in the day, in the presence of Adiyogi, a fleet of 33 "Save Soil Movement" motorcycles was flagged off to support Farmer Producer Organizations in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The FPO teams will use these motorcycles across the two states to spread awareness about the FPO, mobilize farmers, and perform other activities efficiently, serving remote villages and farmlands in detecting and solving soil health issues.


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