KFC launches International Burger Fest inspired by global flavours

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The KFC Zinger burger is legendary. But what if there were five different types of Zinger burgers, each with a unique taste and flavour inspired by a different part of the world? 

Yes, you heard that right! No matter what your craving is, there is a juicy & crispy KFC Zinger for you. 

Presenting the KFC International Burger Fest featuring not one, not two but five distinct Zinger Burgers, starting at Rs. 179/-. Prepare to ‘take a bite, take a flight’, as KFC’s International Burger Fest becomes your passport to experience global flavours. From spicy, to classic to tandoori and so much more - KFC’s variety of Zinger burgers features global flavours to satisfy any and every craving you have. Chicken lovers, be prepared to treat yourselves with a range of options made with 100% REAL CHICKEN. Enjoy the timeless American Classic Zinger which brings together a crunchy fillet, veggies and creamy mayo sauce in a soft sesame bun or take a spicy ride with the Caribbean Spicy Zinger which has a golden fillet, crunchy veggies, melted cheese & three chilli sauce in a peri – peri bun. 

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