Seed Sowing Festival conducted at Pushkaram College

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Pushkaram college of Agricultural sciences is affiliated to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.  Our college is one of the leading Agricultural colleges with maximum infrastructure facilities and high-tech laboratories available for the purpose of student’s education.

The crop production technology II AGR 303 (0+2) course is designed by TNAU.  As per the guidelines of TNAU, our college has taken all earnest steps to raise the irrigated maize crops under the area of 2.5acres.

Right from the preparation of fields such as ploughing, Forming ridges and furrows, Application of fertilizers and Manures to the fields, Sowing of seeds, Irrigation,  Weeding,  Plant protection measures,  Study of morphological characters of plants,  Yield parameters,  Plant protection measures at need based, Harvest and Post harvest methods followed by the students as per the TNAU recommendations.

Finally calculate the cost of cultivation and assessing the Cost-Benefit ratio (CB Ratio) of maize crops. The above said crop husbandry paves the way for students to understand the Agricultural crop production at field level in total. This will create self confidence among the students as well as  faith and individuality. This practical oriented course enriches the students to become a young entrepreneur and involve the young Agricultural graduates to build the Nation to achieve the self-sufficiency in food production.

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