EU Launches Probe into Meta's Election Content Management

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The European Union has launched an investigation into Meta Platforms concerning its management of election-related content and advertising. Ahead of parliamentary elections, concerns have been raised regarding deceptive advertising and the potential for foreign interference. Of particular concern is Meta's decision to discontinue CrowdTangle, a tool widely used by researchers and fact-checkers to analyze content trends, which some fear could directly impact global election integrity efforts. Meta has pledged cooperation, highlighting its established risk mitigation processes.

Simultaneously, the EU is examining whether Meta's ad-free subscription service complies with data collection regulations under the Digital Markets Act. There are concerns that the service may not provide users with a genuine option to opt out of data collection, potentially violating regulations. If found in violation, Meta could face significant penalties.

These investigations reflect growing regulatory scrutiny over Meta's operations within the European Union, particularly regarding issues related to election integrity and data privacy. Meta's responses and cooperation will be crucial in determining the outcome of these investigations and the potential consequences the company may face.

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