GEM Hospital develops new laparoscopy technique using Apple Vision Pro!

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Coimbatore-based Gem Hospital has stunned the medical world by creating a new technique using Apple Vision Pro – Mixed Reality Headset through which the surgeon can effortlessly see the insides of the operating area of a patient in 4K resolution and in maximum proximity without losing even the tiniest detail.

More than 30 laparoscopy procedures have been done using this newly developed method, and this is probably the first time that such a feat in global medical arena has been successfully created and executed.

A press conference was arranged at GEM Hospital, Coimbatore today to share this latest achievement, and it was attended by Dr.C.Palanivelu, Chairman, Dr.P.Praveen Raj, CEO and Dr.R.Parthasarathy, Surgical Gastroenterologist, GEM Hospital.

Explaining the benefits behind this new technique, Dr. Parthasarathy said that when Apple Inc. launched the Apple Vision Pro in the US, he wanted to try how this device that is primarily built for entertainment could augment the vision and perspective of a surgeon during a live surgery .

So this device worth Rs. 4 lakhs (which is yet to be made available in India) was imported, and Dr.Parthasarathy learned about its complete workings in 5 days. He then created a method to convert the images generated by keyhole camera into digital/wi-fi signal that could be read by Apple Vision Pro Headset with the help of various imported gadgets, and finally developed a new technique that will bring the visuals of the keyhole camera directly before the eyes of the surgeon.

Dr. Parthasarathy shared that surgeons who do laparoscopy/ keyhole procedures need to watch the visuals of the camera that’s sent inside the patient via a monitor. There are some limitations to this earlier method. For instance the monitor displaying the visuals will be fixed at an angle in a space inside the Operation Theater and the surgeon needs to look in a specific angle to view the visuals. This would affect the easy movement of the surgeon when he/she needs to move to different sides of the patient. Then, if there is any reflection of light on the monitor it would affect the view. Like this there are some other challenges.

Called ‘Gem Apple Vision Pro Surgery Technique’, this new successful method will enable the surgeons to not just look at the patient’s organs closer like never before in 4K resolution, but it will greatly help them to view the visuals wherever they want to.

The surgeons do not have to touch anything when he wears the headset; from zooming in the visuals to locking it in a favorable position, everything could be done by a few easy hand gestures.

The surgeon will get a 270 ° view, without any visual distraction. He can even pull up the scan copies of the patient for quick referral and place it on the one side of the screen, while he can still view the patient and the organs clearly on the other side.

Besides this there are numerous advantages with this technique. A surgeon can share the visuals instantly via Apple iOS enabled devices like iPhone or iPad to another expert, and get his opinion of the case. For educational purposes, the Apple Vision Pro can record the visuals from the Surgeon’s Point of View, and it will be very valuable for students of medicine. The screen can also be mirrored and be shown to students live.

Dr. Palanivelu and Dr.Praveen Raj appreciated the new technique that Dr.Parthasarathy and his team from GEM Hospital have developed. They said this will ultimately benefit the patients and lead way to better outcomes.

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