Two days All India Inter NIT Calendar Conference is held at NIT Puducherry

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The inaugural function of two day All India Inter NIT Calendar Conference is held on 09.05.2024 at NIT Puducherry. Dr. Prof. Makarand Madhao Ghangrekar, Director, NIT Puducherry inaugurated the event alongside Dr. S. Sundaravarathan, Registrar, NIT Puducherry. Delegates, comprising Sports Officers and Professors from 15 NITs, convened to ensure the program's success.

The program was organized by Lt. Dr. S Babu, Senior Sports Officer of NIT Puducherry, aimed to facilitate the event and streamline the execution of All India Inter NIT tournaments during the academic year 2024-25. The program also fostered cultural exchange through 20 games held across various NITs nationwide, providing a platform for students to exhibit their athletic prowess and competitive spirit.

Committee members deliberated on appointing Observers, selecting Hosting NITs, and strategizing sports enhancement initiatives to further student interest and participation for 2024-25 from 31 NITs from ALL-India in different States.

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