10th International Day of Yoga celebration in Vellore on behalf of CBC

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The 10th International Day of Yoga celebration was held at Pallavan Teacher Training College near Vellore on behalf of Field Office of Vellore Central Bureau of Communication, Government of India.

Dr.Sanjay Gandhi, Head of the Department of Naturopathy and Yoga Medicine, Government Hospital, Vellore,  Shri Subramanian, Pallavan College 

Secretary Shri.Narasimhan, Principal and Field Publicity Assistant of Central Bureau of Communication Shri Jayaganesh and others participated.

In the function, students were given different types of breathing exercises, meditation and yoga exercises for their physical health.

While delivering presidential address Dr. Sanjay Gandhi said giving training to Teacher Training Students  will facilitate for more chances to reach the future generations. He also said that, this will lead future society to live in good Health.

Dhanush and Shankar, instructors of Vellore Cosmic Yoga Institute, demonstrated various yogasanas.

The Teacher Training student Selvi Roshini while speaking about the programme, said that, She found the breathing exercise very useful in the programme and also assured that, while working as a teacher in future, she would emphasis  and take this Yoga among her students.

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