India’s Techade: Broadband Connections Grow Exponentially

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The current state of broadband in the nation is vibrant with exponential growth in the last 9 years. Compounded by the cascading positive impact of broadband on the economy and society, this growth will be a critical contributor to national progress. Since 2014 broadband connections (wireless and wireline) have grown substantially, up from 6.1 Crore in 2014 to 83.22 Crore in 2023 (as on December 31, 2022). Out of 83.22 Crore broadband connections, 79.98 Crore are wireless whereas 3.23 Crore are wireline.

India witnessed an impressive 200% increase in internet subscriptions in rural areas and a 158% increase in urban areas between 2015 and 2021. This growth can be attributed to India’s ‘Digital India’ programme, which was launched in 2015. Continuous proliferation of measures such as the Bharat Net Project shall continue to improve digital accessibility, affordability, connectivity, and inclusivity across India. This in turn will help in re alizing the vision to digitally empower every Indian, as we march towards India’s ‘Techade’.


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