IIT Roorkee Licenses technology for Environment-Friendly coating for Disposable Paper

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The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT Roorkee), has committed to protecting the environment through new technological development. A team of researchers at IITR developed a coating for disposable paper that is water soluble and will be used in various applications with requirements of food freshness retention and replace plastic coatings commonly used in food-grade packaging papers and paperboards. The innovative coating formulation aims to eliminate the use of plastic in disposable paper and paperboard products, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable society. By enabling the recycling of disposable products, this technology has a significant positive impact on the environment, improving waste material collection and reducing the burden on landfill sites.

IITR transferred the technology to M/s M S Papers, New Delhi, for commercial application. Mr Gurmeet Singh, MD of the company, stated, "This is an intrinsic part of the technological innovation process, and we are thankful to IIT Roorkee for the technology transfer. The demand for 'sustainable paper and paperboard packaging' has exerted substantial pressure on producers to eliminate barrier coatings that employ polyethene, paraffin-based waxes, silicones, and fluoro-chemicals, and switch to more environmentally friendly options. Mr. Singh expressed confidence in collaboration with IIT Roorkee, highlighting the local availability of coating materials, in-house technical capabilities to address customer challenges, and the ability to meet end-user’s requirements”.

During the agreement signing ceremony, Prof K K Pant, Director of IIT Roorkee, expressed, We are delighted to transfer this breakthrough technology for an environment- friendly coating for the disposable paper to M/s M S Papers. This collaboration reflects our commitment to protecting the environment and supporting the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector. By eliminating the use of plastic in disposable paper products, we are contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable society. This technology addresses environmental concerns and transforms disposable paper waste into recyclable materials, reducing solid municipal waste and promoting a circular economy. This transfer will significantly impact society, aligning with our vision of a cleaner and greener India.

Researchers, including Prof Dharam Dutt, Prof Millie Pant, Prof Akshay Dvivedi, Dr Anurag Kulshreshtha and Mr Brahma Prakash, explained the features of the technology. This breakthrough technology will be a significant milestone in reducing solid municipal waste and transforming disposable paper and paperboard materials into recyclable ones, which is currently a considerable challenge. The technology addresses environmental concerns and resolves recycling issues associated with disposable paper waste, converting it into value- added products. Considering the environmental hazards, many countries, including India, have taken steps to ban 'Single-Use Plastics'.  While the laws have been formalized and implemented, there is a need for greater momentum in executing this ban to achieve visible results. The development of water-soluble coating by IIT Roorkee significantly contributes to Clean India and Make in India initiatives, becoming a game-changer.

Prof Rajat Agrawal, Associate Dean of Innovation and Incubation at IITR, informed that the IIT Roorkee campus has one of the most vibrant Innovations and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. IIT Roorkee offers help to researchers to improve their Technology Readiness Level for better commercialization of technologies, providing support to faculty members for starting their scientific spin-offs.

In this context, developing the water-soluble coating by IIT Roorkee emerges as a game- changer. It significantly contributes to Clean India and Make in India initiatives to promote sustainable practices and domestic manufacturing. By eliminating the need for plastic coatings in disposable paper products, this technology aligns with the goals of creating a cleaner and greener India. It demonstrates a great step forward in advancing environmental sustainability and positively impacting waste management practices.

Overall, the technology transfer of the water-soluble coating for disposable paper has the potential to bring about a significant positive impact on society by promoting sustainability, reducing plastic waste, improving waste management, and supporting the growth of the MSME sector.


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