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Neuma India's first firmness adjustable mattress by Duroflex

Duroflex, India's leading sleep solutions provider renowned for championing the importance of quality sleep has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in sleep technology, Neuma - India’s first-ever firmness adjustable mattress. The mattress is designed to revolutionize the way individuals approach sleep and rest by empowering them with the ability to shape their sleep environment according to their needs. 

Neuma has been scientifically designed with a patented technology that activates deep restorative sleep by creating personal sleep experiences. Its Dual Side Adjustable Firmness allows for firmness adjustments on each side of the mattress, ensuring that both the sleepers achieve their desired level of comfort. Whether you're a stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper, Neuma adapts to multiple sleep positions, ensuring a perfect fit for the user’s preferred styleIt can be easily operated by a smart remote control and a mobile app, allowing hassle free mattress adjustment to the firmness level of one’s choice. 

Neuma comes with a 5-year warranty, a testament to its superior quality and longevity.Going beyond adjustable firmness, Neuma incorporates additional features that significantly impact everyday life. The inclusion of Heat away Technology in the mattress ensures a cool sleep surface, keeping individuals cool and comfortable throughout the night. Speaking on the launch of the revolutionary new offering, Mohanraj Jagannivasan, CEO, Duroflex said, “Our dedication to innovation stems from our deep-rooted desire to maximize the benefits that restful sleep has on the human body. With that we are delighted to unveil Neuma, a breakthrough mattress poised to redefine the sleep solutions market in India.

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