Spreading the love of Tamil, one pazhamozhi at a time

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Toys and games manufacturer Chittam (www.chittam.in) launched their new board-game ‘பா(R)ட்டி Talks’ today. Designed completely around Tamil proverbs (pazhamozhi), this unique new game seeks to bring generations together to spread the wisdom and love of Tamil among today’s children.

பா(R)ட்டி Talks’ takes players through the vast and evocative world of Tamil proverbs - as one moves across the board, teams try and guess the pazhamozhi that their teammates are acting or drawing out, or they get together to decipher clues that point to pazhamozhi. For children, this opens up the portal to the world of Tamil proverbs, along with the folk wisdom contained in each one of them.

‘The pazhamozhis that our paatis keep using are little capsules full of rich meaning,’ says Chittam Founder & CEO Charanya Kumar, ‘And they also evoke the distinct flavor of our culture. Knowing and using these proverbs in casual conversation builds bonds - they are like secret codes that only those ‘on the inside’ know!’


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