Superstar Ranveer Singh partners with WhatsApp to promote message privacy

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We caught up with him to get all the juicy details. In a candid conversation the actor opens up about what's in his phone and how he protects his most private conversations on WhatsApp.

The entertaining video almost has Ranveer spilling the beans but instead educates people on the importance of private and secure messaging with simple privacy features like end-to-end encryption, chat lock, screenshot blocking for view once messages on WhatsApp.

Talking about the collaboration with WhatsApp, Ranveer Singh, said, “With more and more private conversations happening online, our privacy needs are also evolving. From sharing my most private thoughts with my friends and family to discussing work, my WhatsApp has private information like film scripts, my financial details. The cool thing about WhatsApp is that with its layers of privacy I know my conversations are always secure and with features like chat lock, I can password protect my most private and important chats so that even though my phone changes hands, my chats don’t.”


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