TNAU hosts national workshop on Impact of Climate change on Agriculture - Role of Fertilizer policy

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Agro Climate Research Centre, Directorate of Crop Management, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore jointly with the Fertiliser Association of India (Southern region), Chennai organised a National Workshop on "Impact of Climate change on Agriculture - Role of Fertilizer policy" at TNAU, Coimbatore on 21st September, 2023.

The program was inaugurated with the lightening ceremony by the dignitaries on the dias. Dr. M.K.Kalarani, Director (Crop Management) delivered the welcome address in the National workshop. She quoted that the workshop was planned to emphasize the inseparable relationship between fertilizers and farmers in India. She also delivered that the workshop will help to explore how climate change plays a pivotal role in influencing the nutrient assimilation in plants, underscoring the need for climate-smart agriculture practices to achieve sustainability in the agricultural sector. She also emphasized that to ensure sustainable agriculture, it is imperative to adopt suitable fertilizer recommendations and policies. This workshop will promote mutual benefits and a holistic understanding among the scientists who will contribute their scientific insights and industry professionals who will provide the real-world impact of fertilizers. 

Mr. Y.V.N. Murthy, Head, FAI (Southern region) delivered the programme introduction by emphasising the importance of food security and the various scheme and mission in India for combating fluctuation in fertilizer pricing. He quoted that “we should not sleep on the laurels we achieved instead we need to look into various reforms for sustain fertilizer policy”. 

Dr. P. Balasubramaniam, Director, Natural Resource Management delivered inaugural address with the importance of balanced fertilizer application through organic, inorganic and biofertilizer. He also underscored the importance of nano fertilizers and water soluble fertilizers for achieving poison free food and atmosphere without affecting the farmers’ income.

Honourable Registrar of TNAU, Dr. R. Thamizh Vendan delivered the Presidential address with the importance of climate change and quoted the latest IPCC report saying by 2030 the air temperature will increase by 1.5°C. Furthermore, he quoted the services offered by ACRC including long and medium range weather forecast, weather based agro advisories for the benefit of farming communities at free of cost. The program concluded with vote of thanks by 

Dr.N.K. Sathyamoorthy, Professor and Head, ACRC.  Around 100 numbers of delegates including 31 scientists from TNAU, 38 industrial persons from different fertiliser group, and 30 students from various disciplines of TNAU participated in this workshop.


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