Five Muthalamman temple festivals were crowded with devotees

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Pattiveeranpatti Ayyambalayam Chinna Ayyambalayam Devarappanpatti Chinna Kaundampatti near Dindigul District Wattalagundu Mutthalamman temple festival was held with much fanfare. Puratasi festival is held every year in these five towns. 

On the occasion of this temple festival five Muthalamman idols are made in the mother town Devarappanpatti and everyone comes and fasts for eleven days especially. Meat is not served continuously in these five towns. On the first day, a pongal was held for the goddess of the border as a Vaiyappa. Then Muthalammam was placed in a row and the village idols were worshiped. Then each side was sent with a tambourine. The eye of the Muthalammam idol was opened and it was put on jewelry. 

On the last day, Muthalamman got up in a lion vehicle, went to Pooncholi with a yellow swimming procession and went to Pooncholi. Arrangements were made under the leadership of Patti Veeran Patti Inspector Guruvath Thai and the police were assembled and engaged in security work.


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