Ganga Hospital's Mr. Muthu Raja Wins Bronze in Men's Shot Put-F55 at Asian Para Games

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Mr. Muthuraja's incredible journey from a life-altering fall to becoming a medal-winning athlete is a testament to the power of determination and proper medical care. He endured two major high-velocity injuries – an unstable thoracolumbar spine fracture and severe pelvic and hip damage – resulting in complete paraplegia.

Swift surgery at Ganga Hospital stabilized his spine, setting the stage for early rehabilitation. At Ganga Spine Injury Rehabilitation Centre, Mr. Muthuraja began his path to recovery. Under the guidance of Coach Mr. Yuraja and Physiotherapist Mr. Muruga Prabhu, he emerged as an expert in wheelchair shotput and discus throw, ultimately securing two medals and bringing pride to India.

Dr. Rajasekaran, Director of Ganga Hospital, emphasized the critical importance of early, definitive surgery to establish a stable spine, enabling timely rehabilitation. Mr. Muthuraja's surgery involved the placement of titanium screws and rods, fortifying his spine to withstand the rigorous demands of shotput and discus.

The Ganga Spine Injury Rehabilitation Centre, supported by Rotary International's Global Grant Projects, boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a hydrotherapy pool that aids muscle recovery and balance. The joint felicitation of Mr. Muthuraja and his coach by Ganga Hospital and Rotary Club of Coimbatore Central recognized their remarkable achievements.

Dr. Rajasekaran also shared his vision of expanding the rehabilitation center into a Paralympic sports training hub. With over 35,000 severe spinal cord injuries occurring in India annually, such an expansion holds immense promise.

Mr. Muthuraja's story serves as an inspiration to all, proving that with the right care and support, individuals with spinal cord injuries can achieve incredible feats. His journey from paralysis to sporting success highlights the importance of early intervention, rehabilitation, and the potential within each person to overcome adversity.


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