The 9th Installation Ceremony of JCI Madurai Dynamic

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The Installation ceremony of JCI India, Zone 17, Region C, JCI Madurai Dynamic for the year 2024 and the members of the Governing Board took place yesterday, Friday 22nd December 2023 at 6 pm at Madurai Productivity Council, Mahabupalayam, Madurai.

Mr. Jc Shanmugapriyan who was elected as President for the year 2024, Mr. Jc Vinod as Secretary, Mr. Jc Sakthi Dasan as Treasurer and other members of the Governing board took oath.

Mr. JK Muthu, Chairman of Digitall and Chief Executive Officer of Kamalam Group was the Chief Guest and Mr. JCI Sen Sundareswaran, Zone President of Zone 17 graced the occasion. Zone Vice President Jc Rajendran presided.

Immediate Past President JFM Deenadayalan presented the annual report for 2023.

Zone Vice President Jc Rajendran, Zone Officer JCI Sen Adv Sudalai Muthu, Past President JFS Ganesh, and JCI Madurai Anandam Branch Charter President Jc H Prasanna Felicitated the Incoming President and Governing Board Members.

In this event, Jc Shanmugapriyan, who will take charge of the President, announced the projects for the year 2024. Many projects were started with the aim of public welfare and social change.

Projects were released.

1. Hygiene Campus for Healthy Young India project to promote hygiene in government schools

2. Young Entrepreneurs Development Project to encourage the entrepreneurship amongst the youngsters and college students

3. Food Distribution Scheme called DAAN to support homeless people with food

4. Tourism development project of Madurai in collaboration with Maduraiyars Movement with the slogan 'Come2Madurai'

Past Presidents and Members of JCI Madurai Dynamic, several Zonal Officers and other Branch Dynamic Leaders and Members participated in this event.


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