IAS, IPS, and IFoS Officers Experience Inner Transformation at Isha Yoga Center Program

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The Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India, in association with Isha Foundation, organised a 5-day In-Service Leadership Program for over 100 officers from the IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), IFoS (Indian Forest Service) and other Central Services. The Inner Engineering Leadership Retreat Program specially designed by Sadhguru was conducted at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, in Tamil Nadu between 29 January and 2 February 2024. 

The program inter-alia included meditation sessions guided by Sadhguru, a holistic set of yoga postures, engaging discourse with Sadhguru, and initiation into ShambhaviMahamudra Kriya—a powerful 21-minute process that helps build a foundation of health, joy, and exuberance.

Taking to social media X, Sadhguru said, “Wonderful to see so many #CivilServiceOfficers  invested in  Inner Engineering for inner wellbeing and higher possibilities. As the frontliners in crafting social, political and economic change, your inner wellbeing will determine and impact the wellbeing of all lives around you. Congratulations on taking a significant step towards making it happen. Best Wishes & Blessings.”

Sharing her experience of the program, MsSonal Goel, IAS, Resident Commissioner, Tripura Bhawan, New Delhi, expressed, “It was truly overwhelming, fantastic, and wonderful. I frankly came without any expectations and just to experience something new and positive in my life. After doing the program, I truly felt energized and reconnected with my own self, gaining a sense of self-awareness.”

“I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to meet Sadhguru in person. The course is very well designed. My entire gratitude to beloved Sadhguruji for his passion for reforming the lives of the people, and the way he is contributing positively to the country is truly phenomenal,” she added.

Highlighting the key takeaway from the program, Mr Saravanan Murugan, IAS, Divisional Commissioner, Saran Division, Chapra, Bihar, said, "What I think inside, I manifest outside. If my thinking is clear, my actions would become better. This would directly contribute to the decision-making in my service. The Inner Engineering Program has provided me with the ideas, perspectives, and processes to achieve the competencies needed to transform my life and career."

Describing her learnings from the program, which she would find relevant to her work, Ms Neha Yadav, IPS, Principal Police Training Centre, Arunachal Pradesh, said, “We all encounter issues, often involving interactions with others. Typically, we perceive the other person as an opponent who doesn't understand us. After completing the program, I will now consider the person as also being a part of me to whom I need to explain the situation. The other person has their perspective; let both perspectives meet and come up with a solution. Previously, I always treated the other person as an opponent, never as a part of me. This shift in perspective, I believe, will make a difference as I reflect on my issues.”

The program content is designed for Government officials holding senior leadership positions in Central and State governments. The primary objectives of the program include enhancing one’s ability to handle stressful situations, improving inter-departmental collaboration to achieve governance objectives, enhancing interpersonal relationships, and fostering personal and professional clarity along with a deep sense of inner peace and fulfillment. When implemented as a lifestyle, the holistic program also offers numerous long-term health benefits, including relief from chronic physical and mental ailments.

Isha Foundation, a pioneer in imparting yoga and meditation courses worldwide, has trained over  800 Civil servants so far for the DoPT, Government of India. The program is offered at the picturesque Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, which is a sacred space for self-transformation, where people from all around the world come to dedicate time to their inner growth.


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