VECV displays Made-in-India for the World & Future Ready mobility solutions

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VE Commercial Vehicles, a joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors displays Made-in-India for the World & Future Ready mobility solutions at Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024.The range of sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions cover a range -of electric trucks and buses that offer customers and transporters a Pro Business, Pro Planet choice.

Commemorating 15 years as a successful joint venture between Sweden’s Volvo Group and India’s Eicher Motors, VECV is actively pursuing its commitment to being the finest example of Make In India through sustainable technology, a robust product range and state-of-the-art manufacturing which are supplying products across the world.

Commenting on the momentous occasion Vinod Aggarwal, MD and Chairman, VE Commercial Vehicles said, “As we celebrate 15 years of success as a Volvo Group and Eicher Motors JV, we have developed technological capabilities to deliver Made-in-India world class trucks, buses, engines and components aligned with government’s vision to transform India’s logistics and mobility through innovative solutions and sustainable technology. We thank the Government of India for the opportunity to showcase our Eicher and Volvo range of alternative fuel solutions which are poised to shape a greener and more efficient transport ecosystem. These solutions will not only play a transformative role in India, but also support cleaner transport in over 40 countries”

Backed by Eicher and Volvo brands Uptime Services and always-connected ecosystem, products on display are: India’s first 5.5 tonne electric truck- the Eicher Pro 2055 EV. Commercially available since September 2023, the Eicher Pro 2055 EV is revolutionizing the delivery trucks segment for a greener e-commerce. The product marks another milestone in VECV's commitment to driving modernization and fostering smart sustainability. Eicher Pro 8055 dual fuel LNG+CNG tractor. A solution is for long haul transport, avoiding use of imported diesel.  While managing longer range on LNG, the Eicher Pro 8055 is capable of transitioning to use CNG fuel by the simple turn of a switch - well suited to leverage the rapidly expanding CNG distributor network.

Eicher Pro 12 meter EV bus for staff transport to offices and factories. Focus on transport factory workers and office employees in comfortable and environmentally friendly manner. Volvo Trucks - globally state-of-art Volvo FM electric highway tractor-trailer for modern long-haul goods transport. Long-distance transport of goods in environmentally friendly manner and avoiding use of imported diesel. The unit on display has covered over 45,000 km in just 3 months.  Volvo Buses presented its state-of-the-art 15m Volvo 9600 luxury coach. Built on the internationally acclaimed Volvo 9600 platform the coach offers First Class luxury seating for an exclusive travel & tourism. Eicher Hydrogen IC engine advanced prototype,aligned with Government of India’s Green Hydrogen Mission and offers a promising path to zero tail-pipe emissions.  Engineering Components supplied to leading global OEMS. 


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