Jio-bp launches “You-Deserve-More” campaign

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Jio-bp (the operating brand of Reliance BP Mobility Limited, fuel and retailing joint venture of Reliance Industries and bp), a leading mobility solution provider, today launched their You-Deserve-More campaign showcasing their unique customer propositions to elevate India’s fuelling experience.

Marching through the Amrit Kaal towards the 100th anniversary of Independence, India will continue to remain the bright spot for global energy. Offering “More” to India, the You-Deserve-More (YDM) campaign highlights the unique customer propositions on offer from Jio-bp, focusing on three pillars of performance, service, and cutting-edge technology.

The YDM campaign touches upon diesel delivering up to 4.3% higher mileage and petrol that keeps engines up to 10X cleaner through internationally developed bespoke ‘ACTIVE” technology at no extra cost along with a rapidly growing Jio-bp pulse EV charging point network. Also highlighted is the 24x7 shop for snacks, confectionery and travel need items, along with signature coffee under an international on-the-move brand Wild Bean Café, amongst other propositions at the country-wide network of Jio-bp Mobility Stations.

In line with their vision of reimagining mobility for the country with low carbon solutions, Jio-bp also retails a bouquet of energy offerings including compressed biogas, ethanol based E20 petrol, and EV battery charging and swapping.

Even beyond Mobility Stations, Jio-bp is the pioneer in taking diesel to customer’s doorsteps through automation driven pilfer proof mobile dispensers and patented packed HDPE containers. Their seamless easy ordering, real-time tracking, optimized delivery routes and geo-tagging, have enabled Indian customers' belief in safe and quality on-demand delivery. In lower carbon EV solutions, Jio-bp’s hassle free Jio-bp pulse app, dynamic load sharing and auto-charge features are helping to accelerate EV adoption in the country.

Going beyond just automation led 100% tracking of every drop of fuel or electron sold, Jio-bp is committed to harnessing every data byte, to build bigger, better, and smarter offers for India. As the YDM campaign unfolds, customers are encouraged to dream unlimited and embrace a new era of mobility with Jio-bp.


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