Roche Pharma Introduces Ocrevus® in India for Multiple Sclerosis Care

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Roche Pharma India today announced the launch of its blockbuster breakthrough drug, Ocrevus® (Ocrelizumab), for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS), expanding its neurology portfolio to cater to unmet needs of numerous patients grappling with this debilitating disease in India. The majority of individuals are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis between the ages of 20 and 40, making the disease a leading cause of non-traumatic disability in younger adults.

Commenting on the launch, V Simpson Emmanuel, CEO and Managing Director, Roche Pharma India said, “The introduction of Ocrevus represents a pivotal moment in the management of multiple sclerosis in India. Boasting formidable efficacy, streamlined administration, and a commendable long-term safety record, Ocrevus instils fresh optimism in individuals grappling with this formidable neurological condition. As a blockbuster drug and Roche's flagship globally, launch of Ocrevus in Indiaunderscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions to address the burden of neurological disorders that is already one of the biggest health challenges globally and is only set to grow significantly.” 

Padma Shri Dr. (Prof.) M.V Padma Srivastava, Chairperson, Neurology- Paras Hospitals said: “This latest unveiling by Roche is distinct from existing therapies for MS. In the face of ongoing advancements, there remains a critical need for medications that can effectively manage disease activity and impede disability progression. Despite seemingly stable clinical symptoms, individuals with all forms of MS encounter underlying disease activity, marked by inflammation in the nervous system and irreversible loss of nerve cells in the brain. The paramount objective in MS treatment is to promptly reduce disease activity, thereby slowing the pace of disability progression. For those with relapsing MS (RMS) who persist in experiencing disease activity and worsening disability despite available treatments, Ocrelizumab emerges as a breakthrough solution. I also strongly recommend early initiation of such treatment for better outcome”


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