Amrutanjan Healthcare introduced Amrutanjan Electro+

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Staying hydrated is a key element of unleashing peak performance for a world-class athlete, according to newly-minted Chennai Super Kings Indian Premier League captain Ruturaj Gaikwad. The team has made a resounding start to their title defense under Gaikwad’s leadership this season and sits atop the league tables, having won both matches they have played so far.

“I’m often asked what the key to success on the field is, and I can’t emphasize the role of hydration enough. Everyone talks about fitness and nutrition and so on, but maintaining the right level of hydration and the optimum electrolyte balance aids everything from reaction time and post-match recovery to on-field mental acuity. In high-stakes matches, like the ones we play in the IPL, as captain, I often have to make decisions on the fly. For that, I need my mind to stay sharp. Hydration, therefore, I would say, is absolutely essential to making those make-or-break calls that can either win or lose you a game.” said Gaikwad, Ambassador for Amrutanjan Healthcare’s Electro+. “

Amrutanjan Electro+, the electrolyte drink from the house of Amrutanjan Healthcare, provides essential electrolytes required by athletes like Gaikwad, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone in the right proportions. This helps combat dehydration, prevents muscle cramps, and keeps the mind fresh and agile in high-pressure situations.

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