DriveX Accelerates Two-Wheeler Enthusiasts Entrepreneurial Dreams in Cuddalore

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Mr. Sivaraj’s lifelong passion for two-wheelers has been a constant force, shaping his journey from early bike rides to a fulfilling career in the two-wheeler industry. However, his aspirations reached new heights as he delved into entrepreneurship, and his collaboration with DriveX marked a turning point. 

This collaboration not only facilitated the establishment of his venture, SHIVINIVI MOTORS in Cuddalore but also granted him access to the thriving market of pre-owned two-wheelers in India. Reports indicate that the pre-owned two-wheeler market in India is set to soar to USD 10 billion by 2025, with a projected annual growth rate of 10%. Shivinivi Motors' partnership with DriveX positions him at the forefront of this dynamic industry, fuelling his passion and ambition simultaneously.

Reflecting on his journey, Mr. Sivaraj.T, Dealer Principal – Shivinivi Motors shared, "Joining the DriveX dealership has been a game-changer for me in the automotive industry. Led by the visionary Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Narain Karthikeyan, Drive X pioneers the innovative conversion of pre-owned vehicles from an unorganized sector to a structured OEM like model. As a dealer in the vibrant Cuddalore district, I have personally witnessed the robust network and dedicated sales team that DriveX offers."

“Mr. Sivaraj.T's collaboration with us has positioned him as a key partner in our fully integrated platform, driving a revolution in the pre-owned two-wheeler ecosystem across India. This partnership empowers him to provide comprehensive pre-owned vehicle services, offering customers a simplified, credible, and hassle-free buying experience. With state-of-the-art refurbishment facilities, a digital retail platform, in-house documentation, financing capabilities, and top-notch after-sales service, Mr. Sivaraj ensures a delightful purchasing journey for his customers”, adds Narain Karthikeyan, Founder and Managing Director of DriveX Mobility Private Limited.

Beyond establishing a successful dealership, DriveX offers entrepreneurs like Mr. Sivaraj T a myriad of advantages, including quality assurance, vehicle and accessories sales, refurbishing labor, service tie-ups, and more. These benefits not only contribute to a substantial income boost but also support entrepreneurs in turning their dreams of business ownership into reality.

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