Ayouthveda launches #Expert Ki Suno Experiment Mat Karo campaign with Genelia Deshmukh

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Blending ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science, Ayouthveda launches the skin-aiding campaign of #ExpertKiSunoExperimentMatKaro. The campaign aims to help millions of people struggling with skin care, urging them to listen to expert advice. With Ayouthveda, you can trust the experts and embrace a skincare regime rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science.

The campaign, featuring renowned actress Genelia Deshmukh, the brand ambassador of the Ayouthveda face care range, and Dr Sanchit Sharma, founder of Ayouthveda and an expert scientist, offers skincare solutions that genuinely nurture the skin. The campaign signifies a pivotal moment for Ayouthveda in reaffirming its commitment to providing advanced Ayurvedic solutions for the youth. 

Aligning with Ayouthveda’s mission to provide Ayurvedic-backed safe products while actively contributing to the community, Dr Sanchit Sharma, founder of Ayouthveda said, “We want the young generation to discover the essence of Ayurveda with Ayouthveda, where nature's purity meets innovation for youthful skin. We create an experience of the transformative power of Ayurvedic skincare, backed by 40 years of trust and expertise. Every product is a testament to our dedication to safe, non-toxic, and effective skincare. We believe skincare isn't just about beauty; it's about enhancing your overall well-being. We believe in skincare that's as nurturing to your skin as it is to your soul, and with Ayouthveda, our mission is to provide skincare products that promote health, happiness, and confidence."

Ayouthveda has a range of face care products for all skin types, from soothing and rejuvenating creams to refreshing facewash and scrubs, breezy mist and toners, facial kits, and more. One of Ayouthveda's flagship products is the Sparkling Gold Facewash, formulated with 24K Nano Elemental Gold. European researchers have confirmed that using 24K gold nanoparticles or ‘Swarna Bhasma’ can fight against ageing and keep skin youthful and glowing. Genelia Deshmukh endorses Ayouthveda's Sparkling Gold Face Care range.

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