Panasonic Unveils the New AC Range in TamilNadu

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Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND) - a leading diversified technology company, today, announced its 2024 line-up of new air conditioners in the Tamil Nadu market. Featuring 60 models from a wide range of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0-tons models, the latest range of air conditioners are now available across all major retail outlets, e-commerce platforms and the Panasonic Brand Store.

Mr. Abhishek Verma, Business Head, Air Conditioners Group, PMIN, PLSIND said, “Our recently commissioned study revealed key concerns among consumers in Tamil Nadu, notably centred around hassle of adjusting AC temperatures frequently during the night, cooling performance, outdoor unit rusting and maintenance & service needs. Therefore, the new range of Panasonic ACs has been developed keeping in mind these evolving consumer needs. India's first Matter-enabled ACs from Panasonic not only offer interoperability but also bring reliability and durability with our Eco-tough casing. With the innovative Miraie platform, we're redefining the smart home experience for consumers. With features like True AI, the AC automatically adjusts settings for optimal comfort cooling, and personalized sleep profiles eliminate the need for manual temperature adjustments during the night.

“Capitalizing on higher Inverter AC sales, we are anticipating a rise in demand for Inverter ACs from Southern India. With AC penetration at approximately 7%, in India, the industry holds immense growth potential. Therefore, we are hoping to tap this opportunity and grow by 40% compared to the last AC season.” Mr. Verma further added.

With an expertise of over 65 years in developing Air Conditioners, Panasonic’s new range of ACs are tech-enabled and are designed to deliver Cooling, Quality (reliability) and a Connected experience to redefine smart living. 

Key features of the 2024 AC line-up include: 

• Cooling in every corner - Panasonic's Air conditioners come with Jetstream airflow that can throw air up to 45 feet. The indoor unit features a large air intake and fan diameter which increases airflow. Additionally, the unique double flap Aerowings design with a 4-way swing helps to cool every corner of the living space.

• Cleaner surroundings with Nanoe technology – An innovative technology, nanoe™ X is designed to remove 99% of airborne indoor pollutants, as well as viruses, bacteria, and other germs particles to filter and clean the indoor air.

• Customized cooling – With Converti7, users can save energy by adjusting the cooling performance ranging from as low as 45 % to powerful 110 % capacity all with the click of a button on their remote or Miraie app. 

• Matter advantage: Simple (easy to set up), Compatible (Smart devices from multiple brands can work together with one app), Reliable (consumer can operate even if there is no internet, provided the AC & App must be connected to the same Wi-Fi Router) and Secure (encrypted)


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