South Indian Model United Nations Conference – Fostering Global Citizenship

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South Indian Model United Nations Conference starts today at The Indian Public School, Coimbatore.

The conference commenced with the esteemed presence of Mr. Rajesh Dogra, Deputy Commandant of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Coimbatore, who graced the occasion as the honorable chief guest. Dr. Sonali Geed, the chief academic officer, along with the chief guest illuminated the ceremonial lamp, marking the onset of the event. Mr. Dogra was felicitated during the ceremony by   Dr. Thara Mohan, the Chief Executive Officer of The Indian Public School, while the event was presided by the Director General and Secretary General of SIMUN.

South Indian Model United Nations (SIMUN) is an exemplary MUN (Model United Nations) initiated by students that aims to make the world a better place, one at a time. MUN is a simulation of United Nations (UN) which provides a platform for students from Grade 6 and above to discuss and propose solutions for various problems and issues surrounding us and prevalent in the world, which has Global Significance. By simulating unique real-time United Nations experience through SIMUN’s detailed replica of UN procedures, technology, intensity and ambiance, SIMUN seeks to provide the experience to the delegates a deep insight into the art of diplomacy, the values of collaboration and compromise, skills in public speaking, research, and debate. For each and every participating delegate SIMUN tries to instill the belief that education of the world youth would empower the future, thereby producing leaders the world needs.

The 2024 conference promises transformative experience. With the world approaching its unprecedented breaking point, SIMUN gives the people hope. Delegates participating in the three-day conference not only apprehend world knowledge back to their school life, but also create lasting memories that chisel them to become better individuals. The three day conference is a forum to address international issues from youth’s perspective and look for peaceful solutions for political, socio- economic, environmental and other challenges faced by the nations today.

In the highly inspiring inaugural speech by Mr. Rajesh Dogra CRPF, he greatly appreciated the initiative taken by the students to create global consciousness. He believed that their awakening is the solution. For such reason, it is important to see the world through their eyes and provide them a platform to publish their opinions. He also commended on the students’ vision to become responsible and caring individuals for their immediate community. Following the inspiring address by the chief guest, The Secretary General of Team SIMUN expressed sincere gratitude for his words of encouragement and motivation.

Organized by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students, SIMUN at The Indian Public School, Coimbatore, is hosting over 1200 delegates from 50 plus schools across South India. Aged between 12 and 16, participants will engage in a dynamic three-day event from April 1st to 3rd, 2024.The conference features diverse committee G20, UNESCO, UNHRC, WHO, UNSC, NATO and WHC are a few to mention out of 40 noteworthy committees.  By emphasizing on real life situations, cultivating alliances and friendships, it leaves the participant thirsting for more - “A true power of transformation, where minds meet and spirit soar”     

The world today being grappled with many challenges and crisis that threaten a region, country or a specific group of people, they turn to one organization for hope, help, leadership and coordination: The United Nations. SIMUN harbors such experience and fosters global leaders who are capable of solving issues in a diplomatic manner.


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