Cauvery Calling’s Mega Training Unveils Insights on Pepper Cultivation on Plains

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The mega training event titled "Exploring the Potential of Pepper Cultivation in the Plains for Profit in Lakhs" was organized by Isha's Cauvery Calling today, April 28, 2024, in Pudukkottai, Mayiladuthurai, Cuddalore and Pollachi. Tamil Nadu Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Shri. V. Meyyanathan kicked off the event in Pudukkottai. 

During his address at the training program, Shri. Thamizhmaaran, the field coordinator of the Cauvery Calling Movement, requested that the Tamil Nadu government should arrange for the distribution of pepper seedlings to farmers across all districts of Tamil Nadu. Currently, only three districts in Tamil Nadu provide pepper saplings. 

Shri. Meyyanathan Siva.V in response to Shri. Thamizhmaaran's suggestion, assured necessary action in providing pepper seedlings to farmers in all the districts of the state.

He also commended the efforts of farmers in Pudukkottai who, over the past 5-6 years, have restored lands affected by the 2018 Gaja Cyclone through the adoption of tree-based agriculture.

Through this mega training, Cauvery Calling Movement aimed to raise awareness among farmers that pepper, a spice crop traditionally grown in hilly areas, can also be cultivated in the plains resulting in an additional source of income for the farmers.

The training witnessed the participation of pioneer farmers from various districts, agricultural scientists from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and patentees of new varieties of pepper. The speakers delved on various topics including- selection of pepper varieties, methods of planting and maintaining it, harvesting methods, sales and export opportunities and more. 

The talks by the experts at each location were telecasted live in the training programs held in the other three districts. In the mega training held in Pollachi, the Chairman of Aromatic Crops Board of India from Erode, Shri. Kanaka Dileepan detailed ways to export pepper.

In a seminar held in Pudukottai, the Deputy Director of the Indian Aromatic Crops Board, Shri. Simanta Saikia, shared information on exporting pepper. Additionally, Shri. T T Thekkan from Kerala, who cultivated 800-1000 pepper beads in a strip, and Shri. A. Balakrishnan, who discovered three different varieties of pepper named ‘Aswini,’ ‘Suvarna,’ and ‘Preethi,’ along with Shri. K V George, who has patented his variety of Agali Pepper, were also present.

Principal scientists of the Indian Aromatic Crops Research Institute, Dr. Kandiannan and Dr. Mohammad Faisal, spoke about pepper cultivation, related diseases, and remedies. The Deputy Director of the Indian Aromatic Crops Board, Simanta Saikia, also discussed ways of exporting pepper.

Furthermore, pioneer farmers such as Shri. Balusamy, Shri. Rajakannu, Shri. Senthamil Selvan, Shri. Bhackiaraj, Smt. Valarmathi, Shri. Kamarasu, Shri. Poomalai, Smt. Nagaratnam, and others shared their experiences.

During the training program, participants were also taken on a guided farm tour to gain practical insights into farming techniques, allowing farmers to address any doubts with the experts.

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