Sadhguru's "Karma - Vidhiyai Vellum Suthirangal" Tamil Book Launch Draws Acclaim in Chennai

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Sadhguru's new Tamil book, "Karma - Vidhiyai Vellum Sutras," was launched in Chennai on June 28 on behalf of Isha Life. Speaking as a special guest, Mrs. Bharati Bhaskar said, "I was greatly impressed by Sadhguru's logical answers. Without ignoring the questions raised by today's youth, he addresses them clearly. This is what the youth of today really need. It directs their confused minds to the path of clarity."

The event was held last evening at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Mylapore, Chennai. Smt. Suhasini Mani Ratnam launched the first copy of the book, which was received by the Managing Director of Sri Krishna Sweets, Shri. M. Murali.

Following the launch, Kalaimamani Marabin Maindan Muthiah and noted speaker Smt. Bharati Bhaskar gave keynote addresses on the newly launched Karma Tamil book.

Suhasini spoke at the event and said, "I am the wicked one in my house, but good people do not achieve success of my stature. So, what is karma? I have plenty of questions like this. We should read this book and find the answers to many questions."

Later, Marabin Maindan Muthiah added, "Sadhguru says that an action is more intense when it is done in thought than when it is done in reality. This is what Thiruvalluvar says, 'Ullatal ullalum theethey'—thinking with the mind causes more karmic reactions. Also, for a long time, the song from Puranaanooru of Sangam literature, which remained incomprehensible, 'Innadhu Amma, Ivvulagam; Iniya Kaanga, Idhan Iyalpunardhorey,' made sense after reading this book. Sadhguru explains in this book that the reason why we decide that this world is miserable is not because of the nature of the world, but because of our nature. So through this book of Sadhguru, we can realize that the nature of the world is neither pleasure nor pain; it is only in your mind. This was said in Sangam literature 2000 years ago. I have never come across such a comprehensive book on karma as this one. Thanks to Sadhguru for giving us this."


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