NIEPMD to organize Adapted Yoga for Children with Multiple disabilities

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International Day of Yoga falls every year on 21st June and celebrated on worldwide to generate awareness about Yoga and its benefits towards healthy life. To mark this occasion, NIEPMD to conduct following Events: 

1. National Webinar on “Adapted Yoga for Children with Multiple Disabilities” on 20th June 2023, from 11 am to 12.30 pm.

Children with multiple disabilities have the ability to perform yoga and help them maintain healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. In this process they require adaptation to perform yoga.

NIEPMD has been implementing “Yoga for Children with Multiple Disabilities” through adaptations. In order to showcase successful practice, A Webinar is being organized which aims to empower teachers (Special/ Regular) parents and family members having children with multiple disabilities, HRD trainees of various professional courses, teacher training institutions working in the field of Disability Rehabilitation and general public. This webinar will be attended by more than 2000 participants through Youtube link

Dr. Nachiketa Rout, Director NIPEMD informed that NIPEMD, in the last 10 years has developed Adapted Yoga which can be practiced/performed by children and adult with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Disability and Deaf Blindness. The same would be conveyed to the 2000 participants include School Teachers (Inclusive & Regular), Parents, siblings and other rehabilitation workers on 20th June 2023 through a webinar in which the children and adults with Multiple Disabilities would be demonstrating the Adapted Yoga. PIB & CBC, Chennai are also associating with NIEPMD to give wide publicity to the program.

2. Demonstration of Common Yoga Protocol on 21st June 2023 from 10 am to 12 noon.

“Inclusive Yoga Feast”

Demonstration of Common Yoga Protocol proposed to organise on 21st June 2023 from 10 am to 12 Noon at G+7 building for children and Adult with Multiple Disabilities, HRD trainees, Parents and staff of NIEPMD. It’s our aim to encourage the participants to practice regularly yoga for better wellbeing.

The Name of Yoga Postures (Adapted)

Sitting Postures - 1. Parvatasana, 2. Yogamudrasana, 3. Janusirasasana, 4. Paschimotanasana, 5. Vajrasana, 6. Balasana, 7.  Marjariasana

Supine Lying Posture - 8. Uttanpadasana, 9. Sedubandhasana, 10. Pawanamuktasana, 11. Savasana

Prone Lying Postures - 12. Bhujangasana, 13. Dhanurasana, 14. ArdhaShalabasana,

Standing Postures - 15. Padahastasana, 16. Trikonasana


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