Outreach programme on Millets, Environment, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by CBC Tiruchirapalli

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Central Bureau of Communication, Field Office Tiruchirapalli under Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting organised integrated Communication Outreach Programme ICOP on International year of Millets, Mission Life environment, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at Punchai Sangenthi village in Pullambadi Block in Tiruchirapalli on Wednesday.

Mr. K Ravindran, Field Publicity Assistant Thanjavur in his welcome address said that the outreach programme is being organised in coordination with Pullambadi panchayat Union. He spoke about importance of international year of Millets and awareness programmes organised by CBC.

Mr. K Devi Padmanabhan Field Publicity Officer Tiruchirapalli in his key note address said International Year of Millets is celebrated by United Nations to create awareness about nutritious value of millets alongwith regular food. He said that millets is important to strengthen self immunity and UN accepted India’s request to celebrate this year as International year of Millets. He urged people to eat locally available nutritious food and iron rich drumstick moringa leaves. He asked them to avoid fast food and encourage children to eat nutritious food traditionally available in villages like different varieties of millets. He spoke about Mission Life Environment and preserving nature. He urged people to use cloth bags and prevent usage of one time use plastics. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which was started on October 2, 2014 has now become people’s movement and more than 12 crore individual toilets have been built under SBM. Outside defecation will lead to spread of diseases he pointed out and urged people to use individual toilets. He asked people to separate degradable and biodegradable waste while giving to tuymai kavalars sanitary workers who come to collect garbage. Shri T Palanichami Pullambadi SBM Coordinator urged people to utilise the individual toilets built under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. He asked them not to throw garbage in public places and separate degradable biodegradable wastes. 

MGNREGA site supervisors Mr. Venkatesan and Ms. Nirmala attended the outreach programme alongwith local people. Pamphlets and notices on Environment safeguard, central government schemes made by CBC Chennai were distributed to the public.


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