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The Sandal Soap segment witnesses an innovative and modern makeover

Sandalwood has been an integral part of bathing rituals across various cultures globally. The refreshing and relaxing scent of sandalwood is known to enhance positivity. ITC’s Fiama, amongst the leading personal wash brands in India, continues to disrupt and innovate in the wash segment, with the recent launch of the unique Fiama Sandalwood Oil and Patchouli Gel Bar. 

ITC Fiama gives the sandal soap a modern twist. The traditional opaque sandal soap category will witness an innovative experience with sandal in a transparent Gel Bar format. In addition, Patchouli as an ingredient with sandalwood oil brings in a fresh olfactive sensorial experience while preserving the traditional aspects that make sandal soaps special – its fragrance!

Fiama Brand ambassador, Rashmika Mandanna, adds, “Since childhood, I have always seen sandal soaps in a certain ritualistic and ancient way, more so owing to my Coorgi roots. Fiama Sandal and the way it is being presented breaks every set notion of a typical sandal soap. I am proud to be a part of this exhilarating journey to redefine the emotion, promise and perception of a sandal soap.”

The unique amalgamation of sandalwood oil and patchouli evokes a warm, earthy and exotic sensory experience that blends harmoniously to create a captivating and alluring long lasting fragrance.  The Gel Bar’s fragrance enlivens, energizes and true to the brand ethos, uplifts the mood.   

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