HSBC Mutual Fund rolls out ‘SIP Hai #FaydeWaliAadat’ campaign

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HSBC Mutual Fund has unveiled SIP Hai #FaydeWaliAadat, a digital, investor education campaign, that highlights the transformative power of SIPs in achieving long-term financial goals. A first of its kind campaign, it is aimed at educating and empowering the millennial investors in India, between 27 and 35 years of age. India's mutual fund industry has witnessed a remarkable influx of new investors, a substantial chunk of them being millennials. 

Industry reports indicate that a staggering 54% of new investors (approximately 85 lakhs) who started investing in mutual funds during FY19-23 were millennials (as per the May 2023, CAMS report). The SIP Hai #FaydeWaliAadat campaign is targeted at this cohort and addresses their aspirations and financial goals with a quirky tone that resonates and connects with the millennials, gently nudging them to use SIPs to build a corpus for the future. 

The campaign masterfully uses real life situations to emphasize the fact that taking small steps now transforms and accumulates into significant milestones. SIPs set the stage for financial abundance in the long run. It is only patient, consistent efforts that will propel your dreams toward fruition, one disciplined step at a time. The SIP Hai #FaydeWaliAadat is about empowering millennials with financial knowledge. By fostering a disciplined approach to investing and encouraging millennials to adopt SIP as a valuable financial habit, this campaign seeks to create a generation of informed and confident investors.


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