Meenakshi Hospital Saves 31-Year-Old Man After Consuming Poison

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Thanjavur based Meenakshi Hospital, the largest multi-specialty hospital in Thanjavur recently saved a 31-year-old young male from near death after consuming Monochrotophos OPC poison. He was battling for his life and was brought into Meenakshi Hospital after three days of being treated in another hospital unsuccessfully. After a month of intensive care and rehabilitation, the patient is now back to his daily work life.

“The male patient was being treated in another hospital for three days. After he had developed severe respiratory distress, he was brought to Meenakshi Hospital. He was having severe hypoxia (low oxygen) and his oxygen levels were not improving even after being given the highest possible ventilation modalities,”. “On further investigations, it was revealed he is having Atrial Septal Defect (a hole in his heart septum), which was treated conservatively and monitored by our cardiologist. His sputum culture test showed multiple drug-resistant bacterial growths for which appropriate broad-spectrum antibiotics were started,” said Dr. Senthilkumar, Consultant and in charge - Medical Intensive Care and Toxicology.

“The patient was made to lie down in a prone position and was on a ventilator for four days. We had to daily monitor his heart condition, undergo physiotherapy, and provide adequate nutrition. Over a few days, he was weaned off from the ventilator as he gradually recovered. Once he was stabilized, our in-house psychiatric doctors investigated his mental state, understood, and analyzed the reasons for his committing suicide post evaluation he was provided rehabilitation and help to come back to normalcy,” “Over here, we can assure a 100% recovery for OPC poisoning patients if we receive patients without hypoxic brain damage. For OPC poisoning, the need of the hour is to support lung respiration before the muscles are paralyzed. This might vary depending on the quantity and concentration of poison consumed said Dr. Arimanickam, Senior Consultant and HOD- Anesthesiology and Critical care. 

The patient whose life was saved was also under the care of Dr. Praveen, Deputy Medical Superintendent, Dr. Ishwarya, Senior Consultant- Psychiatry, Dr. Arun, Consultant - Respiratory Medicine, Dr. Arathi, HOD- Blood Bank, and Dr. Idayachandran, Consultant - Nephrology.

Meenakshi Hospital – Thanjavur in the past has treated more than 1000 poison-led cases with over 160 cases being treated since January 2023.  Incidentally, Meenakshi is the only Multidisciplinary ICU hospital with a wide range of services to offer 24/7 care to critically ill Patients and the only hospital in the Delta region to offer comprehensive Toxicology Care with a strong team present around the clock.


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