Apollo Hospitals launched PICU & NICU Comprehensive Centre of Excellence

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Apollo Hospitals in Trichy launched the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and comprehensive Paediatrics & Children’s Specialty Unit. This development signifies a significant enhancement in the healthcare services available in the region, providing specialized care for critically ill children and comprehensive paediatric services.

The inclusion of renowned specialists in Neonatology, Paediatrics, Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Nephrology and other super specialties ensures a multidisciplinary approach to paediatric care, addressing a wide range of medical conditions affecting children.

Having in-house consultants and connecting with niche specialists from Apollo Hospitals in Chennai reflects a commitment to providing top-notch medical expertise and comprehensive care for paediatric patients. The round-the-clock facility equipped with modern infrastructure is crucial for managing emergencies and providing continuous monitoring and support for critically ill children.

The presence of well-trained paediatric nurses and technicians is essential for the successful functioning of the PICU and Paediatrics Specialty Centre, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care in a nurturing environment.

Dr. Inigo Irudayaraj, Trichy East District Legislative Member presided over the occasion. Ii is facilitated by Guest of Honor Dr.Ramanathan and Rev. Fr. Anthuvan.  Sr. consultant and Trichy Paediatric secretory Dr. Sivagurunthan given the welcome address.  

Trichy Indian paediatric president Dr Ramanathan explain the needs of children urgency in timely medical or surgical procedures can often prevent complications and long-term health challenges. We don't have any state of arch in our delta region it's Apollo launching is very sophisticated for all the children's.

Our paediatric consultants Dr. Divya  (Paediatric), and Dr. Hima Bindu were highlighted the hospital's strength in handling neonates and preterm babies with respiratory illness. The state of art PICU / NICU can handle any types of patients especially who requires ventilator and life support and explained the use of cutting-edge technologies and their expertise in paediatric care also raised awareness about the recent surge of Dengue in children.

Mr. Jayaraman, Associate Vice President and Unit Head, expressing pride in the launch, highlights the significance of this facility in the Delta region, emphasizing its uniqueness and the positive impact it can have on paediatric healthcare in the community.

Dr. Sivam, the Medical Administrator, standing alongside and supporting the information, reinforces the commitment of the hospital administration to delivering exceptional healthcare services and promoting the well-being of the paediatric population in the region.

This initiative not only addresses the immediate healthcare needs of children but also contributes to the overall development of paediatric medicine in the region. The launch of such a facility is undoubtedly a milestone in providing advanced and specialized care for children in Trichy and the surrounding areas. Apollo Hospital’s Team and members were also attended the occasion.


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