Sai University Ramani stresses for a paradigm shift in Education policy and focus

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Sai University's Founder and Chancellor, Mr. K.V. Ramani, was the keynote speaker for an Industry-Academia conference organised by Cambridge University Press & Assessment. The conference theme was 'Innovate, lead, succeed: Corporate expectations in the new work era'.

Mr. Ramani's speech focused on the significance of Liberal Education with a multidisciplinary approach. He emphasised that a multidisciplinary undergraduate education is the need of the hour, offering innovative, transformative, and research-grounded educational experiences. This approach allows students to freely express themselves academically, inquire, learn, debate, innovate, and create a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

Mr. Ramani said “What is the purpose of education? Acquiring subject knowledge to score good marks and get into wellknown colleges.then seeking jobs with a good CTC and in  almost or less than two decades later get burnt out and stagnate?Ramani lamented the breadth of knowledge in today's education system was lacking.Earlier the approach in most schools and colleges was to enrich the students and develop skills based on each student's interest.Today, unfortunately the system has been turned into a factory where thousands get degrees but lack the skill and knowledge of English to get jobs.It has become a Business First Society.

Mr. Ramani added: The CEO’s of the Top 5 companies in the world today are not IT professionals, nor are they front benchers with high grades in schools and colleges. He said that entrepreneurship development. Wealth creators are needed from the youth who will set up companies and create jobs.He said all educators must focus on how to prepare students 10 years from now.Liberal education is the trigger which will bring about a paradigm shift in the education system like India has successfully done in IT and Health.

K.V. Ramani, a tech entrepreneur and generous philanthropist, has founded Sai University – a state private university in Tamil Nadu that embraces a progressive liberal education model. The university offers a range of undergraduate programs, including B.Tech., B.A. (Hons.), B.Sc. (Hons.), and B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) with trending majors. Additionally, postgraduate programs in law are also available, including PGD, M.A., and LL.M.


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