Cutting-edge research critical to enhance cotton productivity: Experts

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To bring back self-sufficiency in cotton production to the meet growing demand, India needs to focus on cutting-edge R&D to enhance productivity and farmers’ incomes, echoed India’s top agricultural scientists and experts at a national conference on Pioneering the Future of Cotton Research here on Sunday. 

“This national conference is aimed at reiterating the significant role and urgent need of cutting-edge R&D in cotton crop in India, exploring holistic solutions to increase cotton productivity. Specific focus on enabling technological and policy interventions is the need of the hour to ensure India’s cotton sector remains sustainable, profitable and globally competitive,” said Dr. M. Ramasami, Chairman of Rasi Seeds, a veteran with over 50 years of experience in the seed sector. Having been at the helm of the cotton seed revolution which began in 1992, Rasi Seeds has gained trust of millions of farmers with its high-performing hybrid cotton seeds cultivated on 75 lakh acres by about 40 lakh farmers. 

Dr. R S Paroda, Founder Chairman, Trust for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences (TAAS), lauded the significance of such collaborations, stating, "Partnerships in the field of cotton research are not merely advantageous but rather pivotal for the sustainable growth of India's cotton industry at this juncture. These proactive collaborative efforts act as a shield, enhancing resilience against the multifaceted challenges that the cotton sector faces. By fostering innovation and sharing knowledge, we collectively contribute to the prosperity of the cotton farming community, ensuring a robust and sustainable future for the industry."

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