LEAD Introduces First-of-its-kind AI-powered Assessment for Schools

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India's largest School Edtech company, announced the launch of AI-powered assessments for its network of 9,000+ schools.  LEAD’s AI-driven assessment program builds on academic insights gained from over 11 years of working with schools across India to enable each teacher to customize and administer assessments that suit her specific classroom needs.  

Offline-enabled and auto-synchronized, LEAD’s AI-powered assessments are powered by customizable inputs such as question type, composition, and difficulty level, etc., with options for teachers to review and edit as required.  The initiative aligns with LEAD’s vision to combine the latest technology with internationally benchmarked pedagogical methods to bring propulsive learning to 26 million school students over the next five years.  With customisation now enabled for each class and school, it also does away with the menace of exam paper leaks that schools have to contend with.

LEAD’s AI-powered assessment is seamlessly integrated into its teacher app.  With four formative assessments and two summative assessments (end-of-year evaluations), the program benefits more than 50000 teachers who can now choose the assessment type that best suits their needs.  It not only enhances the overall teaching-learning experience, but also prepares teachers for digital challenges of the future.  AI-powered assessments for classrooms also stand to accelerate digitalization in India’s schools.

LEAD's commitment to advancing learning outcomes in India’s schools goes beyond the conventional, with strong focus on nurturing well-rounded, technologically adept students who are well prepared for 21st century careers and challenges.  LEAD's Integrated School Edtech system is aligned with NEP 2020 and includes customized, AI-enabled offerings for all segments of schools.

Sumeet Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder, LEAD, said, “AI represents the next frontier in School Edtech in India and is integral to LEAD’s mission of making excellent learning accessible and affordable for every child.  Our AI-driven assessments have been designed to generate high-quality questions to match specific classroom learning requirements, while also saving teacher time and allowing her to focus on what matters most - students.  We also use AI to help teachers identify classroom-level student learning challenges and administer personalized remedial for each class to bring all students up to speed.”


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